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We all want the same thing: An America that is


Latham Saddler has fought for our nation abroad and at home to ensure just that — an America that is strong, secure and free. For you, your children and many generations to come. As your United States Senator, Latham will be relentless in this pursuit. With the trust and support of his fellow Georgians, Latham will work tirelessly toward this vision for America by focusing on three foundational pillars:


America is safest when it is at its strongest. A strong America looks like this: Secure borders. A well-funded, globally-unmatched military. An effective intelligence community operating around the world to prevent attacks at home. Strong and mutually-beneficial relationships with our allies. Latham will work to ensure our common defense is a top priority for our government. Because of his experiences in the military and on the National Security Council, he knows America’s strength means more peace, stability and security at home and across the globe. Moreover, Georgia is home to several military installations including the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. Latham will ensure that those bases remain keys to our national security mission and essential community partners across our state.


This must be an American 21st century. Communist China seeks to overtake America in every way — economically, militarily and technologically. China is open about this goal while using subversive tactics to achieve it. Latham has seen firsthand what our adversaries are doing and are capable of doing — both while executing missions as a Navy SEAL Officer and while managing our country’s most sensitive operations as Director of Intelligence Programs on the National Security Council. Latham has never and will never shy away from a fight for freedom, and he is determined that Communist China will not prevail. Latham will hold China accountable and ensure America’s continued leadership in the free world.


Border security is national security. Because of his experience as a special operations leader, Latham knows that a secure perimeter and good intelligence are critical for mission success. He will apply these basic principles to our southern border by advocating for a physical and technological wall and advancing our border patrol’s intelligence capabilities.

Defend the 2nd Amendment.

The right to bear arms is explicit in our Constitution. Threats to that right are a threat to our way of life. We have a right to protect our families, to pass down the tradition of outdoorsmanship to our children, and to defend ourselves when necessary. Latham will fight for our right to bear arms in Georgia and across America.


Life is sacred, and we must protect it from the beginning. Every parent knows the God-given instinct deep within us to protect our children. As a father, Latham knows this too, and hearing his sons’ hearts beating for the first times solidified his belief in protecting unborn life. His twin brother, Ashby, who has Down syndrome, is a shining example of the extraordinary impact that a single life can have. Ashby is a positive example of love, authenticity and purpose to everyone he meets, and he has shaped Latham into the man he is today. Latham is pro-life and will fight to protect the lives of all our unborn children.


Free speech and open debate are cornerstones of our American freedoms. Misinformation and the fear of cancel culture threaten these cornerstones. Our relationships, our economy and, ultimately, our future suffer in their wake. In Georgia, the social and economic toll of Major League Baseball removing the All-Star Game hurt regular Georgians. It was a decision based on misinformation and rooted in cancel culture that punished our state unfairly. Latham knows that good information and communication are necessary for a strong future, and he will fight to ensure that misguided decisions like Major League Baseball do not happen again in Georgia or our country.


A strong economy means stability in our homes and security as a nation. Our economy is suffering from out of control Democratic spending, which is paving the road for higher taxes, higher unemployment, and more government handouts. We see the impact when local businesses can’t find willing workers. We feel it in our tightened budgets at home. We see it on the world stage as we compete with Communist China. Latham’s conservative pledge is “Dignity, Not Dependency” because he believes in the dignity of hard work, not dependency on government. He will fight to create an environment where lower taxes and fewer regulations will allow our businesses to grow and thrive.


Georgia is the most patriotic state in America, and the decisions made here have national influence and impact. Latham will fight tirelessly to preserve the freedoms of all Georgians, protect Georgia’s families, and build economic security for Georgians and their businesses including agriculture, our greatest economic engine. As we make the critical shift to bring manufacturing home, we must also prepare to have the workforce to build American goods here at home. Latham's vision is to make Georgia the re-shoring capital of American manufacturing by making our state number one in technical and trades education so we have the skilled workforce here ready to build in Georgia, giving our state a critical competitive advantage as these manufacturing opportunities come home from China.


As Americans, united we’ll stand, and divided we’ll fall. We are Americans first — fellow countrymen and women — not each others’ enemies. Our REAL ADVERSARIES, like Communist China, win when we are divided. Latham advanced the America First Agenda while working in the Trump administration, both as an active duty Navy SEAL Officer and then as a White House Fellow. As a United States Senator, he will continue to fight for our stability at home and America’s leadership on the world stage because a strong, united America makes the world a more secure place for everyone. We must end our reliance on Communist China and end the off-shoring of our industries. We need to invest in the dignity of the American worker and revitalize the American economy with products made here. Any goods made in China and sold in the United States should be accurately labeled "Made in Communist China." This is the first piece of legislation Latham will author as your next US Senator.


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