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Latham Saddler: GOP Senate nominee must be able to answer simple questions

January 28, 2022

Saddler: GOP Senate nominee must be able to answer simple questions


ATLANTA, GA — Conservative Republican U.S. Senate candidate Latham Saddler said today that Georgia GOP voters deserve to know where Herschel Walker stands on the issues that affect our state and nation – and it’s perfectly “fair” to ask a Senate candidate how he would have voted on a bill that has already passed into law. Saddler called on Walker to abandon the Biden Basement Strategy and participate in debates across the state with the other Republican candidates.


“It’s vitally important to our country that Georgia replace Raphael Warnock, and we can’t do it with a nominee who appears not to know that Biden and the Democrats passed a budget-busting spending plan in 2021 that spurred the inflation eroding Americans’ spending power,” Saddler said. “He said the journalist asking him how he would have voted on that spending bill must be ‘an Alabama fan.’ Well, I’m a UGA grad and a Bulldog to my core, and I think we deserve to know an answer to that question. I’m traveling to every corner of the state and I’m happy to take all questions about where I stand on the issues!”


“Raphael Warnock is raising mountains of cash and he will speak in front of any audience. A Biden Basement Strategy will NOT win this race in the general, and Republicans owe it to the country to nominate a candidate who can go toe-to-toe with Warnock. On the debate stage, I’m not going to let Warnock talk about his love of puppies and struggles with Christmas lights. I’m going to hold him accountable for the destructive record of the Democratic Congress – the one where he brags he’s the deciding vote.”



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