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Latham Saddler on Fox News: Wokeness = Weakness = War

Drawing on his experience as a SEAL war veteran and former Director of Intelligence Programs in the Trump White House, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Latham Saddler said Friday night on Fox News @Night with Shannon Bream that the United States delivered peace through strength during the Trump administration and has weakened itself in the eyes of our enemies under President Biden.

“Under President Trump, we operated under the doctrine of peace through strength, America First, and our adversaries understood that and felt it every day,” Saddler said. “We’ve got our Pentagon leadership focused on CRT and climate change, and we’re kicking our best warriors out of the military over vaccine mandates, so we’re surprised now that Putin invades?

“Let me tell you something. Wokeness = Weakness = War, and that’s what we have right here, and we’ve got to get back to peace through strength.”

Watch the segment here.