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New Saddler ad: Serious times require serious leaders



America First conservative Latham Saddler’s U.S. Senate campaign launched its second TV ad, contrasting his readiness to do the job with a celebrity candidate unable to address the major topics facing Georgia and the United States. The ad will air on Fox News Channel.

“Georgia Republicans are rightfully worried that a celebrity afraid of the debate stage can’t defeat Raphael Warnock in November – and that’s what really matters for America,” Saddler said. “Our campaign has emerged as the only challenger that can take on Herschel Walker and then win back this Senate seat. As our new ad says, these are serious times that require serious leadership – something Herschel Walker can’t offer. Our momentum is peaking at the right moment, we’re going to force a runoff and when we’re one-on-one the choice will be clear to Georgia Republicans who want to win.”

Watch Latham Saddler’s newest ad here.