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Latham Saddler accepts debate invitation


March 21st, 2022


Saddler accepts debate invitation

SEAL veteran: Voters have the right to hear candidates without a script


America First conservative Latham Saddler on Friday accepted the Atlanta Press Club’s invitation for the Republican primary U.S. Senate debate and called on Herschel Walker to come out of the Biden Basement to do the same.


“Voters have a right to see candidates face the hard questions and answer without a script to follow,” Saddler said. “That’s what every candidate – but one – has done throughout this campaign. I call on Herschel Walker to come out of the Biden Basement and tell Georgia voters where he stands on the issues. For Republicans, the stakes are too high to pick a nominee based on celebrity status. This seat might determine control of the U.S. Senate, just as it did last time. Voters who want to save our country from failed, far left policies pushed by our current senator need to see if the candidate they’re voting for is capable and knowledgeable enough to go toe to toe with Raphael Warnock on stage.


“A candidate so stage managed that he can’t even talk to his own party has no chance of claiming this seat in November.

“I will debate anyone, anywhere. I will always show up, just like we need someone to show up every day to take on Chuck Schumer and the far Left in the Senate who are leading our country toward ruin. I’m the next generation conservative leader who will beat Raphael Warnock, and I’m the only candidate in the race with real experience in national security with a plan to take on Russia and China and maintain America’s leading position in the world.”


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