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Latham Saddler urges more in grassroots to call out Walker’s hiding


March 22nd, 2022


Saddler urges more in grassroots to call out Walker’s hiding

Navy SEAL veteran and America First conservative asks more county GOP parties, like Rabun, to demand answers


America First conservative Latham Saddler today called on county GOP parties across the state to join the Rabun County GOP in passing resolutions that demand Herschel Walker abandon the Biden Basement Strategy, answer questions with unscripted answers, and participate in debates.


“You don’t have to look far to see that these are serious times. The war crimes that Russia is committing against Ukraine and the rampant inflation that is eroding American families’ buying power provide daily, harsh reminders that American peace and prosperity are under attack” said Saddler, a former Navy SEAL and director of intelligence programs during the Trump administration. “Serious times require serious leaders. Republican voters need to hear from candidates for the U.S. Senate.


“I believe that a candidate who hides has something to hide – in Herschel’s case, an inability to offer a clear vision on the issues important to Georgia and to America. Raphael Warnock is bad for America – but good at using his communications skills to shield his damaging voting record with moderate talking points. For the good of the country we must nominate a candidate who can offer a better alternative to Warnock. Right now, no one can believe that’s Herschel Walker because he will not even participate in a forum to share unscripted plans of his own.”


The Rabun GOP resolution called out candidates who are “disrespecting the primary process by refusing debates, hiding from the news media, and only going to very limited, highly controlled events where no questions are asked.”


“I am meeting with voters every day, answering the hard questions because I know that’s what it takes to defeat Raphael Warnock,” Saddler said.


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